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November 9, 2022 by
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Hi, I'm Ronnie Mitchell!

I am the proud owner and founder of a Skincare Line Called Los Angeles Oils And Butters. I also am the owner, founder and lead Esthetician of R. Skin Studio, located in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles, California. 

The beauty industry has been in me since I was a child. My mother is a former hairdresser. My grandmother and mother are self-proclaimed beauty queens!

From an early age it was instilled in me to always put your best face forward, to make sure you look neat and clean, so people would know that you took pride in yourself, hygiene, and appearance.

I would often see my mother and grandmother go to their dermatologist and esthetician to get different skincare treatments and procedures done. I was 15 years old when my mother and grandmother took me to get my first facial. I immediately feel in love with the experience!

As I got into my early 20’s I began to suffer with acne and hair bumps. After trying multiple estheticians and various products that didn’t work, I sought out the help of a Beverly Hills dermatologist. He treated me with microdermabrasion facials (which in the early 2000’s were very expensive) and laser hair removal (which was fairly new for people of color). Everything was going great my skin was clear up and I was feeling confident again. 

One day when I went in for my 5th of 6 laser hair removal treatments the session was more painful than usual. I told the technician what was going on and she said everything was fine. After she was done my face felt like it was on fire. A few hours later, I had blisters on my face in the shape of half moons. Long story short, the laser machine had malfunctioned due to not being service and I was the unlucky person it malfunctioned on. I ended up going to the burn center for several months to treat my burned face. Talk a bout a severe blow to my self esteem!

From that experience it took years to get my skin to how most people see it today...flawless! It was a long journey filled with dark moments.  But in those dark moments it lead me to take a deeper dive into skincare products and finding natural solutions that worked for me. 

Becoming an esthetician was such a power move in my life, one that I’m so thankful for everyday. I am able to guide my clients in ways that I was not guided when I was going through the rough patches of my own skincare journey. Helping my clients navigate effective and result based treatments as well as guiding them on using products that work well for their specific skin type. My facials are definitely not spa facials, far far from it. However, I offer corrective facial services that are results oriented. 

My favorite facial service at this point is the Procell Microhanneling service.  It offers such a wide variety of solutions for clients who are looking for healthy, firm and acne free skin. 

I’m so excited about the upcoming 2023 new year. I plan on opening my training service for new and current skincare professionals called R. Skin University. I am also expending my service menu to offer facial type body services. 

My goal is to empower other estheticians in the field to financial successful by helping them hone their craft, expand their marketing to draw in diverse crowds of people (especially men as they are the most over looked in the beauty industry), and to also help my fellow estheticians be financially smart so they are able to strategically fund their business and dreams. 

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Procell Therapies November 9, 2022
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