June Practitioner of the Month

Procell Therapies is proud to announce our June Practitioner of the Month, Taylor McCarthy owner of The Beautique, located in New Palestine, Indiana. Find out more about her and her journey with Procell Therapies! 🎉
June 5, 2023 by
June Practitioner of the Month
Camille Brokloff

Taylor McCarthy, owner of The Beautique located in New Palestine, Indiana

We interviewed Taylor McCarthy on her journey with Procell Therapies. 

Taylor, can you tell us about your background and how you got into this line of work?

Taylor: Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry. I have always loved making people feel beautiful. Right out of high school, I got trained in lash extensions, which led me to follow my dream. I then started Esthetician school and graduated 6 months later. I instantly opened my studio doing facials and lash extensions. A few months later, I added permanent makeup and had a few girls renting space from me. It all happened so quick, this time in my life almost feels like a blur! I outgrew the space and decided to partner with my best friend, who was running a hair studio out of one of my rooms. We now own The Beautique together! She runs the hair side, and I run the lash, brow and skin side of our salon! We are located in New Palestine, Indiana. We have been in business now for 8 years and continue to grow and add people to our team! We love it so much.

What is your specialty or area of expertise in esthetics?

Taylor: My top services that I specialize in are eyelash extensions, microblading and skincare.

What inspired you to pursue this specialty, and what do you love most about it?

Taylor: In the very beginning of my esthetics career, I focused a lot on skincare. Then lash extensions and microblading took over my books quickly. Seven years later, missing it like crazy, I am finally getting back into it! Finding Procell was something that helped me bring back my very first love and I get to help my clients feel beautiful in their skin again! I also love to dermaplane and I enjoy adding that to my clients microchanneling service. I was already trained in microneedling and had a bunch of clients getting the service done, but I wanted to find a company to partner with and get good in-depth training with great products to give my clients even better results. In January 2023, I found Procell and I instantly reached out to the company and got in contact with Alix who has helped me through this journey. Myself and three of my girls who work for me, got trained in this service. We have seen amazing results in just the few months we have been offering the service. Our clients who were getting microneedling done, upgraded to Procell and instantly fell in love.

What are some of the benefits of the treatments you offer, and what do clients typically experience during and after a treatment?

Taylor: My saying has always been “enhance natural beauty." Any service I do, I want natural results, with brows, I don’t do unrealistic expectations, with lashes, I don’t do mega volume, and with skin. I want my clients to see their natural beauty and feel confident without makeup, no matter their age. Procell microchanneling is changing the industry. The downtime is insane, clients usually have 3-6 hours of redness and feel super glowy after the service. Not to mention, clients are seeing insane results with scaring, fine lines and wrinkles and all over skin texture. I am so happy I made the decision to partner with this company and give my clients the best results. 

Can you share any success stories or memorable experiences with clients that highlight the impact of your work?

Taylor: I had a client reach out to me wanting to microchannel stretch marks on her belly from carrying her two babies. This was going to be my very first client I was doing a different area other than the face! I was a little nervous, not going to lie! Right after the appointment, I gave her the mirror so she can look at her belly. She was already almost in tears because we both thought her results looked better and tighter than 20 minutes before starting the service! At that moment, I knew I made the right decision partnering with Procell. It is helping my clients not only look better, but feel better from the inside, out!

You can follow along on Taylor’s journey with Procell Therapies on her Instagram page linked here: https://www.instagram.com/taylor_atthebeautique/ and follow along with her at The Beautique Indy linked here: https://www.instagram.com/beautique_indy/ 

Taylor McCarthy and the team of The Beautique with our representative Alix right after finishing their training for microchanneling! 

June Practitioner of the Month
Camille Brokloff June 5, 2023
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